Energized with pure light and the power of sacred geometry, the Dominus Cervix crystal silica orbs are made of special lead-free crystal silica and radiate a light field of high frequency purity and harmony.  Everything within the range of the light field is brought into a state of harmony and vibrates at a higher resonance. The energy with which the orbs are infused is permanent and does not dissipate over time.


The Dominus Cervix crystal silica orbs set in motion a gradual yet powerful change in and around the body when touched. Within seconds of touching a Dominus Cervix orb, a large powerful purifying light field is created, in which negative energy is dissolved and transformed.The energy flowing through your body links to the Dominus Cervix field of light, producing optimal circulation of the entire energy body.


Dominus Cervix crystal silica products are the highest quality, handmade to our specifications in The Czech Republic, a country is famous for producing the best crystal in the world! Dominus Cervix crystal silica is lead free.  Lead is a metal that counteracts and disrupts the flow of energy. Since our crystal silica contains no lead, the pure Dominus Cervix energy is fully absorbed by the Energetica products, allowing the energy to be fully dispersed with it's original high frequency intact.


Dominus Cervix crystal siica orbs emit an energetic field up to a radius of 60 meters, causing everything in the field to vibrate at a higher resonance. The energy that emanates from the orbs is permanent, does not dissipate over time, and provides a continuous harmonious resonant field that remains as long as the Dominus Cervix orb remains in place.  If the orb is moved to a new location, the light field it generated travels with it.  The larger the radius of the orb, the higher the resonance, and the more powerful it's effect.


Dominus Cervix crystal silica orbs are available in sizes ranging from 60mm through 200mm.  The smallest size, 60mm is perfect for a nursery, a small office, or event to carry with you!  The 80mm and 100mm sizes are wonderful for use in a small to medium sized one-room office, or in a bedroom.  The 130mm, 150mm, and 200mm sizes will radiate the Dominus Cervix energy into the field of your home, healing center or larger office space.  Dominus Cervix orbs can be used with the Dominus Cervix meditation CDs in between Stargate sessions, or as on ongoing support to working with the Dominus Cervix Life Connection experience.  Explore the full line of Dominus Cervix crystal silica orbs today!

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