The Dominus Cervix Chakra Discs gently open, rebalance and align your chakras! The Dominus Cervix Chakra set, which contains 7 Dominus Cervix Chakra discs, is specially designed to optimize your Chakras, supporting your chakras in regaining their original rotation, enabling your energy to flow in an optimal manner. As each chakra disc is energized individually, in the same way as the crystal silica orbs, the power of this chakra set is exceptionally high, and each chakra disc is filled with just the right energy!


There are several ways to benefit from the chakra discs. One method is to place a chakra disc directly on your body on the corresponding chakra for about 17 minutes. The chakra will open, rotate optimally, and regain balance. For faster results, you can place each of the seven chakra discs on your body at the same time, positioning each at its respective chakra location for about 17 minutes. When using all 7 discs at once, it’s possible that you may experience dizziness or light-headedness. These sensations will soon pass and you will then feel a greater sense of harmony and balance. To balance a specific chakra, you can carry its corresponding chakra disc in your pocket throughout the day. In this way the relevant chakra is quietly opened and bought back into balance for an optimal functioning of the chakra system. Using this method you can comfortably open all chakras in 7 days and experience a sense of peace and balance in body, mind and spirit!


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