Testimonials and experience


I had the pleasure of experiencing the Stargate this weekend. I had heard stories how it helped people in various ways. I really had no expectations other than experiencing it. All of a sudden I felt a mild discomfort in my throat that I recognized......it was from my tonsillectomy as a child when I was six or seven. I am now 64. I just stayed with it . After the session I noticed that my swallowing was smoother and easier. That was yesterday. This morning I started singing and could hit all my notes. That was a pleasant surprise since I had not been able to sing at all since the age of 25. I was teaching back walkovers and my 4 th grade student kicked up before I gave the signal to kick. She accidentally kicked me in the throat. I had hemorrhaging vocal cords and was not allowed to speak for two weeks. Ever since that trauma, my voice was strange and I was unable to sing. I am very excited about being able to sing in church again. Such a gift. Thank you.

- Mary Romaine BS, AP, Lic. Ac, Dom  Jacksonville, Fl



My experience in the Stargate was the most spiritual release.  I was able to tell my grandmother goodbye, who had died from a stroke, and I was not able to tell her before. Also, during my first pregnancy, I was four and half months and on my second doctors visit I found out that my child had died.  I had to deliver my child, and buried him.  I was so devastated. I blamed myself and never let him go. I was never going to hear his voice, or hug him.  In the Stargate experience I was able to run in a field and hug and spend time with him.  I felt so much peace and love from that experience.  My second experience in the Stargate brought an even greater sense of peace.  I had never let go of the hurt from the loss of my son, and in the Stargate I was able to tell him goodbye and start the healing.  I love the Stargate experience, it gave me a release of hurt and guilt.

-D.L., USA



Dear sirs, please forbidden my English, I am from Mexico, I want  to tell you some thing: I bought a 60 mm DCX orb. one day I put it on the top of my desk  on its small base, unintentionally I moved the desk and the orb fell, I saw bounced high and fell back, bounced less high and tried to catch it but could not and fell back and bounce less and finally took it in my hands. I watched with sadness that had 4 crashed inside, in the four points where he had run into the ground. On the outside was fine, had no breaks, were inside, one large and the others were in decline because of lower falling height. As I felt It still had energy, placed on the table beside my bed, in a glass container so it will not fall again. After a few days, I realized with surprise that the internal damage had disappeared. The orb was again completely translucent as when I bought it. I can not explain that. Could you tell me how was it? Because my daughter and my grandson saw newly fallen, are evidence of change, because if not, nobody would believe me. Sincerely Yours,

- Corazón Otero, Mexico



Last Thursday night I only got a few hours sleep before I was awakened by an early phone call which led to 4 hours of different phone calls on a cordless phone.  The last call was from a friend in another state who uses dowsing to measure a person's bio-energy level in Bovus Units.  He has been kind enough to keep track of my energy at least once a week as I've worked on healing some physical challenges.  When he called Friday he said that my Bovus Units were at 10,000 that morning and the level of noxious rays (cell phones/cordless phones) was three times normal.  Although 10,000 units still represents a relatively healthy energy it was about half what I have been running since using the Stargate.  He asked me to try an experiment.  He wanted me to go sit in the Stargate while he was on the phone with me. When I sat in middle of the Stargate, the measurement for my Bovus Units immediately went to 26,000 and the noxious rays went to zero.  Although he had personally experienced tremendous pain relief benefits from sitting in a Stargate one time, he still was having trouble digesting the immediate positive body response to the energy.  


When I reflected on why my energy level had dropped in the first place I realized that I had forgotten to put my DCI orb necklace back on after showering the day before.  Wearing the necklace and earrings round the clock normally keeps my energy level at a stable higher level while resisting outside negative effects of the noxious rays.  Overall, I credit repeated sessions in the Stargate to resolving some long standing chronic health issues related to my immune system.

- Linda Smith, Dallas, TX



I love my blue orb.  It came Saturday.  It is helping to clear and harmonize the energy of my house and property that is build on land that is an ancient battle field. ... It seems that hundreds (or more?) beings of light appeared at my house when the blue orb came.  Is this usual?  I love them being here but am a little amazed...The energy in my neighborhood has shifted to peace within a few days of the blue orb's arrival and a disruptive person at work has resigned.  The orb has truly affected my own personal universe... However the greatest shift or energy took place within a few days of the orb coming.  When it arrived in the package it seemed to be in "hibernation" and when unwrapped and dedicated to God and my I AM, the energy strated unfolding and expanding.  It is just amazing, it has never been this profoundly peaceful here, and my hunch is that it is just the beginning.  


My eternal blessings to all of you who make the orbs and products available to us and for dedicating your life to the upliftment of the planet.  Surely you know we all need it.


May love be with you.

- C. D.V., Texas



Just to let you know that I have been working within the stargate transmitting love and light first to my 4 lower bodies, then to my city, then to North America and then to the world and I now since I got the stargate, I really feel like a "BEACON"  doing the work.... so thrilled that I have had the good fortune of having you cross my path...  Keep on spreading the light. 

- S.D., SK, Canada